About Braj Mohan Das College

Braj Mohan Das College, established in 1968 in a remote rural area of the District of Vaishali to fulfil the aspirations of the local population, mostly backward and deprived of opportunities, even after the four decades of national independence, for higher education. I believe it has fulfilled them to a great extent as it has progressed from being an affiliated unit in 1973 to become a constituent unit of BRA Bihar University, Muzaffarpur, in 1980.

The College has been imparting various courses from Intermediate level to Degree level in a number of subjects of Science and Arts faculties, including the B.C.A. It has gradually developed a sound infrastructure to meet the requirements of higher learning; it has a rich library, well-equipped Science labs, an organised Computer Centre, a Boys Hostel and a Girls Hostel (under construction) and sufficient facilities for Sports and Games.

anel> Its faculty – members are sincere, honest and competent and some of them, of high repute. Its non- teaching staff is also very sincere, honest and hard-working. The faculty-members and the staff-members work together to attain the goal of the college. The College always encourages its faculty –members to participate in national seminars, symposia, conferences, etc and promotes organising such events in the premises of the college. Benefits of such academic activities even percolate to the students of the college who become aware of different dimensions of knowledge they are learning.

The college provides for tutorial classes in its routine so that the students could be benefitted to have individual guidance from the teachers. It also organises faculty wise monthly seminars to make the students interactive and deliberative. The college conducts some special courses to provide special assistance to the students of SC/ST/OBC categories financed by the UGC. The college organises regular activities in the field of sports and games. It holds annual Athletic Meet and inter-class competitions in the events like, Volley-Ball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Bandminton, Table Tennis etc. every year and enable the college teams in different events to participate at the University-level. Discipline and regular attendance of students are strictly observed and follows zero-tolerance towards their violation.

“धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात्” (Deploy our intellect on the right path).