Department of Philosophy

The word philosophy, which comes from the ancient Greek for "love of wisdom," is the methodical investigation of basic issues like existence, reason, knowledge, value, mind, and language. This field involves critical and logical investigation that examines its own procedures and underlying presuppositions.
Various sciences have always been essential components of philosophy, such as psychology and physics. These disciplines are regarded as separate academic topics in the present setting, nonetheless. Philosophy has a long history of important traditions that include Western, Arabic-Persian, Indian, and Chinese philosophical viewpoints. Western philosophy has many subfields and its roots can be traced back to Ancient Greece. The complex interplay between revelation and reason is explored in Arabic-Persian philosophy. The study of reality and knowledge, as well as the spiritual pursuit of enlightenment, are topics covered by Indian philosophy.

Faculty Profile
1 Dr. Shyam Ranjan Pd. Singh Principal M.A. Ph.D View Profile
2 Kamlesh Kumar Singh Assistant Professor M.A. View Profile